Who We Are

Wines Direct is an Irish family owned and operated wine importers. The wines we offer you represent a 25-year labour of love. We are uncompromising in our mission to source independently made wines directly from growers around the world and we apply our strict selection criteria to each and every wine on our list, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

We go out of our way to avoid the boring, mass-produced wines so as to create and sustain a market of choice for you and your fellow wine lovers. We do so by walking the ground of the world’s famous and not so famous wine regions and by directly sourcing from dedicated and fiercely independent winemakers.

  • Diversity

    We doubt any of our partnered winemakers agree on how to make a great wine - with this diversity of opinion comes a huge range of flavours.

  • Independence

    We have spent years building relationships with fierceley independent wineries and winemakers.

  • Quality

    We are serious about the quality of our wines, and we stand over the quality of every bottle we sell.

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